Bassett Lowke No.1 Size Tangye

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TSB Entry: 829
Approx. Date: 1912
Owner: Grotto
Owner Website:
Notes: " No. 1 size ""Tangye"" type horizontal engine. Cylinder is 1/2"" bore * 5/8"" stroke. Coupled to a No. 1 Model Babcock & Wilcox Water-Tube Boiler which includes Pressure Gauge & Siphon Pipe, Water Gauge, Safety Valve, Filler, Union Stop Valve, Superheater Pipe, & Chimney. Castings of the boiler, and the flywheel are cast iron. Boiler is solid drawn copper tube with gun-metal ends, boiler and water tubes are brazed, and guaranteed to withstand safely a pressure of 100lbs. per square inch. "