Major Toy Red Injun

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TSB Entry: 339
Approx. Date: 1940s to ???
Owner: Mos6502
Owner Website:
Notes: These were available as a sterno heated version (shown) and as an electrically heated version. Despite looks, the cylinder is only single acting, not double.

TSB Entry: 458
Approx. Date: c1940s
Owner: 27ace27
Owner Website:
Notes: This engine was purchased as a mystery engine off of ebay. when it arrived, I noticed the markings "Red Injun" just underneath the opening for fuel. I googled it, and came up with an engine that looked mostly the same, except for the cast base and the flywheel spokes are all the way through. (The flywheel also has a hole in it.) The engine frame is part of the cast base, and is some sort of alloy. it is not magnetic. I cannot remember off the top of my head whether it is single or double acting, and the engine is lost in my closet, so perhaps we'll never know! The boiler is nickel plated steel, but it not rusted all the way through. The SV is brass, but when i got it it was totally knackered, the spring and retaining pin had rusted away. and it still is! I have done nothing with this engine since I got it. I'm thinking about replacing the steel boiler with an identical brass one and repainting it, but those plans have yet to take off. for now, this engine is simply a display item. I have since seen one identical engine on ebay, albeit in much better condition and with a stack, and I kindly asked the seller to take a picture of the SV for me, but he was simply too lazy to do so and told me to buy it if I wanted to see it.