Wilesco D36

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TSB Entry: 140
Approx. Date: 1985
Owner: IndianaRog
Owner Website: http://www.indianarog.com
Notes: " Model D36, ""Old Smokey"" Steam Roller...built approx. 1985. A toy every boy must have from age 9-99. Wilesco does a good job of replicating the ""look"" of the steam rollers old without making them so expensive only collectors could afford them. This example was unfired until Nov. 2006 until, at the urging of a young steamer I gave it a go. It will run in a stationary position or roll forward at a scale like pace with the engagement of a lever. A really fun steam engine sold to this day in the exact same design, though I think its called the D365 now and another version is sold in brass trim. "

TSB Entry: 1164
Approx. Date: 1975
Owner: Paul Lambert
Owner Website:
Notes: Built as a promotional model for a chemical company named Grace back in the 1970’s. Very rare now (possibly only 2 known examples carrying this name and colour scheme)