Wilesco D405

(2 entries)

TSB Entry: 425
Approx. Date: Late 80s
Owner: DucanDumperTruck
Owner Website:
Notes: Wilesco D405 Limited edition Great Oregon Steamup One of 600. Produced late 80s.

TSB Entry: 1153
Approx. Date: c1990
Owner: Will Eaton
Owner Website:
Notes: Most D405 engines were made in blue. This is (clearly) red and therefore unusual. Why that is so is open to speculation. It was probably made as part of a special order batch for some company to be used for promotional reasons. There is another irregulartity in that the safety valve thread is the older M6x1.0mm rather than the later M6x0.75mm. The D40 (older version of the D405) used this coarser thread before 1990. So I would say that this is one of the very first D405 engines where they had changed the design but not the boiler thread yet. This particular model looks like it has never been used.