Crescent Toys History

'Crescent Toys' was a British toy company manufacturing die-cast figures, cars and other toys between 1922 to 1980. Originally the factory was based in North London but moved to Cwmcarn in Wales in 1949.
Their toy steam offering consisted of Horizontal Steam Engine Nos 1, 2 & 3 which are very similar to the models sold by CK of Japan entitled 'Wonder Steam Engine' Nos 1 to 3. The Crescent range have the word 'Crescent' and/or 'Made in England' stamped on the flywheel and typically sold in Blue coloured boxes.

Here is an extract from an article by Peter Bretan which may further help you decide which is which.
"If you are ever looking at a rather flimsy little brass engine and you are not sure if it is a CK or a Crescent engine, look for the CK logo on the boiler end plate or under the base plate. If the logo is present then you have a CK engine. Also look at the width of the base plate that sticks out from the firebox.  If the rim is wide (8-12mm) then it is most probably a Crescent engine; if it is narrow (ca. 4mm) then it is probably a CK engine."  

Crescent Toys Models