Steam Craft History

Steam Craft engines are made by Graham Heavey of Wanganui, New Zealand. He has been making engines for many years, mainly based on his own design. In 1996 Graham suffered a severe brain injury as a result of an assault while working as a locksmith, this meant that he lost the use of his '3d vision' i.e. only seeing things 'one side at a time instead of a whole picture'. Luckily he was able to work on this and has been able to continue to make the engines as beautifully as ever. As he is unable to work full time it has become skill to keep his brain challenged and allow him to earn some extra funds. Graham would ideally like to make a business from this skill but is only able to produce engines as his injury allows. He currently sells these engines on

Steam Craft Models

Horizontal Engine

Mini Horizontal

Vertical Engine