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How to submit engines to the Toy Steam Bible

If anyone would like to send in some more engines for the bible, particularly ones that aren't on the site already, here's how:

Send an email to containing the following information:

Engine Manufacturer:
Engine Model:
Engine Approximate Date: (If known)
Your name: (How you want to appear on the site)
Your website: (If any, it's good advertising!)
Notes: (Any comments you have about the engine)
Video link: (Optional)

Then attach one or more photos. It helps me if you can send images sized at 800x600, but I will resize them if necessary.

If you can send a separate email per engine submission that helps me too. I try and get them updated to the site within a week. I'll let you know when I recieve your submission so you know it hasn't been lost.

I do ask that you own the engine in question (or have permission of the owner to show it on the site).

I reserve the right to reject or edit any submissons as I think fit. :-)