CK History

Founded in Tokyo, Kuramochi Shoten was a very large pre-war Japanese toy company producing a wide range of tinplate, lead and celluloid toys during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The company exported toys to the US and to the UK and had trademarks registered in the USA, England and India. Although Kuramochi did exist post war there are limited records and information about the company. In 1948 two of its main employees left to form the Japanese toy companies of ALPS and Normura.
The logo consists of the letters CK within a diamond outline and is derived from Kuramochi Company and is read from right (C) to left (K). It is typically embossed on the boiler endplate or on the underside of the base plate accompanied by the words 'Trade Mark' and 'Made in Japan' or just the word 'Foreign'.
CK engines are very similar to Crescent steam engines. Read the history at the top of the Crescent engine page (Link) to help determine the difference..

CK Models




V Twin Horizontal




Wonder No.3